2-Gun Rules & Regulations

BSC Summer 2-Gun League Rules & Regulations

- League matches will be held weekly for 8 weeks
- The week’s Match will begin on “League Day” (Thursday 11pm-8pm). All shooting must happen on this day.
- Some weeks the course will be shorter but we will allow multiple attempts (up to three).
- Some weeks the course will be longer and we will only be able to facilitate one attempt.
- All Rank & Score of the week’s participants will be posted on the League Leaderboard on Saturdays. - Must be 10 y/o or older to participate, minors must be accompanied. Under 18 may use rimfire firearms.
- The person who registered for the event must also be the shooter.
- All regular range rules apply.

Equipment Requirements & Restrictions

- Semi-Auto Pistols capable of loading a magazine of 10 rounds or more
- Semi-Auto Rifles capable of loading 20 rounds or more
- Rifles must be shoulder-able and have 3 points of contact. Braced Pistols are allowed
- 2 or more magazines for both rifle and pistol are required to facilitate reload exercises
- Eye and Ear protection must be worn at all times inside the Live Fire Range
- Pistol holsters are encouraged but not required
– there will be many Draw exercises, shooters without holsters may pick up from table
- Magazine Pouches/holders are encouraged but not required
– shooters may reload from a pocket
- Slings and silencers are not permitted
- Shooters are allowed to use rental equipment available at BSC during matches
- No aim assisting laser are permitted


- Standard League Pricing is 20$ per week, no membership/employee discounts apply
- Shooters may purchase a Spring League Pass for 120$ that grants access to all league matches
- League Pass will be purchasable during first 2 weeks only, with prorated pricing based on current participation
- Rental equipment will be available to league participants at no additional cost on a first come basis *shooters must purchase store ammo to use rental firearms* 


- There will be 3 separate classes of competition: Iron Sights, Tac Ops, and Open

Iron Sights: Both Rifle and Pistol are not permitted to have any kind of optic, only iron sights permitted. No compensated pistols or pistol charging handles are permitted. No aftermarket flared magwells.
Tac Ops: One optic is permitted on either firearm. The other firearm must have iron sights. Compensated pistols and pistol charging handles are permitted. Aftermarket flared magwells are permitted.
Open: Both firearms may have optics. There are no restrictions on aftermarket accessories except for slings, silencers, and lasers.


- During a competition, a shooter may need to bench a firearm. Only one firearm can be in the shooter’s hands at a time. This would be considered a minor violation.
- Reholstering a loaded pistol will not be allowed. The courses of fire will be designed to prevent this from happening. This would be considered a minor violation.
- Moving around in the range will require the safety (if equipped) to be engaged anytime the shooter is not actively firing at targets. This will count as a minor violation.
- When the shooter is moving from one position to another, the firearm MUST stay pointed downrange. Failing to do this will result in a MAJOR violation. This would immediately stop the course of fire and the shooter would receive and incomplete for that run.
- Firing the firearm in an unsafe manner or direction will be cause for immediately stopping the course of fire. This will result in a MAJOR violation and the shooter will receive an incomplete for that run. This may result in expulsion from the range.

Scoring & Ranking

- The scoring will be 1 hit in the Alpha zone. This will incur no time penalty.
- A hit into the Bravo area will either be counted as a miss on the body (Alpha, Charlie, Delta) or a partial miss on a headshot (Alpha, Bravo) depending on what was directed in the course of fire. This will incur a 1 second time penalty for a Bravo for a headshot or a 2.5 second penalty for a body shot.
- A Charlie during a body shot will count as a partial miss. This will incur a 1 second penalty.
- A Delta during a body shot will count as a partial miss. This will incur a 2 second penalty.
- A total miss will be scored as a 2.5 second penalty.
- Failing to engage a target will count as a total of a 5 second penalty (2.5 second for a miss and 2.5 second for FTE).
- Minor violations will add a 5 second penalty.
- Major violations will be an incomplete for that event.
- All targets must be scored by BSC Staff.
- Based on individual placement in the week’s match shooters will be given Rank Points
- Final placement will be decided by the shooters Points, then number of Highest Scoring Hits (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, then Delta), then Total Time to hundredths of a second.
- The lowest score will be dropped even if it was a failure to attend (IE missing A week for vacations or other events will not negatively affect standings)
- Shooters who do not have low enough times to place will still receive 2 rank points for each week they participate

Placement earns rank as follows...

1st - 15 Points
2nd - 13 Points
3rd - 11 Points
4th, 5th, & 6th - 8 Points
7th, 8th, & 9th - 5 Points
10th, 11th, & 12th - 3 Points

All participants that compete, and do not place, will be awarded 2 Points.

BSC League Passes