BSC Pistol League

Rules & Regulations
- League matches will be held weekly for 8 weeks
- The week’s Match will begin on “League Night” (Thurs Night 5pm-8pm) and be available for walk in participation until the following Tuesday @ 12pm
- Each week a shooter may only have 1 attempt at that match
- All Rank & Score of the week’s participants will be posted on the League Leaderboard on the Wednesday prior to the next League Night
- On Week 10 there will be a Tournament where the top 6 shooters will compete for prizes
- Must be 10 y/o or older to participate, Minors must be accompanied
- The person who registered for the event must also be the shooter
- All regular range rules apply

Equipment Requirements & Restrictions
- Semi-Auto Pistols capable of loading a magazine of 10 or more 2 or more magazines are required to facilitate reload exercises
- Rimfire is ONLY permitted for accompanied minors
- Eye and Ear protection must be worn at all times inside the Live Fire Range
- Pistol Holsters are encouraged but not required – there will be many Draw exercises, shooters without holsters may pick up from table
- Magazine Pouches/holders are encouraged but not required – shooters may reload from a pocket or the table
- Shooters are allowed to use rental equipment available at BSC during matches
- No aim assisting lasers or magnified optics are permitted
- No braced pistols or pistol length rifles are permitted

- Standard League Pricing is 20$ per week, no membership/employee discounts apply
- Shooters may purchase a League Pass for 120$ that grants access to all league matches
- League Pass will be purchasable during first 2 weeks only, with prorated pricing based on current participation
- Rental equipment will be available to league participants at no additional cost on a first come basis *shooters must purchase store ammo to use rental firearms*

- Open
- Irons

- The top 3 shooters from each division will compete in the champions finale.