BSC Youth League

BSC Youth League Rules & Regulations

- League matches will be held weekly for 8 weeks
- The week’s event will begin on “League Day” (Tuesday 5pm-8pm).
- All participants sign in NLT 6pm
- Preceding each days range time, there will be a short lesson on a specific skill
- All Rank & Score of the week’s participants will be posted on the League Leaderboard on Saturdays
- Must be 10-18 y/o to participate, minors must be accompanied
- All firearms and ammunition are provided
- All regular range rules apply

Equipment Requirements & Restrictions

- Eye and Ear protection must be worn at all times inside the Live Fire Range
- Eye and ear protection can be provided if required
- Shooters are allowed to use rental equipment available at BSC during events
- All shooters will use a Smith and Wesson 15/22 provided by Buckeye Shooting Center for the events


- Standard League Pricing is $25 per week($10/week for adult add-on), no membership/employee discounts apply (In-store only)
- Shooters may purchase a Fall League Pass for $150 ($75 for adult add-on) that grants access to all league events (Purchase your League Pass here)
- League Pass will be purchasable during first 2 weeks only, with prorated pricing based on current participation

Weekly Plans

- Each week, participants will receive a short classroom portion which will cover a variety of subjects such as range safety, gun handling, how to practice, vision and sighting, and many other skills both unique to this sport and other competitive events.

-After the classroom section, participants will be divided into their teams where they will work with each other to ensure they have a solid understand of the topics. At the same time a team will be brought into the range the live fire portion of the event.

- The live fire portion will have a short course of fire that will allow participants to apply the topics discussed that day and track their progress.

- There will be 2 separate divisions of competition: Intermediate and Senior
- Intermediate: Grades 5-8
- Senior: Grades 9-12
- Teams will be selected from the participants. This will be used both in small group instruction as well as scoring for the event.

- The scoring will be 1 hit on each target
- The individual stages will be timed
- A specific target will be marked as the “Stop” target
- Shooting this target will end the stage’s timer
- Each competitor will have a running timecard with each week’s stage time(s) included
- The combined times of all members of a team will be used to determine rankings
- Teams will include 4 or more members as available.